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Our Process

Quadrant Capital’s process is designed to achieve optimal outcomes and peace of mind. Creating and protecting enduring wealth is a continuous cycle of understanding our clients’ unique goals and providing access to sophisticated planning and investment solutions.


This collaborative process defines your wealth goals and establishes your definition of financial success. Quadrant’s team will assess every aspect of your current financial scope and test the viability of your goals under multiple assumptions before designing strategies needed to achieve them.


Everything we do is purposeful. Every planning technique and investment ties to optimizing your goals. We explore opportunities, evaluate options, and look for potential pitfalls. This dynamic, iterative process crafts a wealth blueprint and helps you gain an understanding and rationale of investment recommendations before making critical financial decisions.


Once we design the wealth blueprint, a similarly unique implementation plan is required. Pre-existing investments, tax consequences, and your risk tolerance will guide the pace of adoption. We are excited to make progress together, and we will do so patiently and deliberately.


We continually monitor and manage your plan and investment strategies so you don’t have to. We give you the tools to regularly evaluate the progress of your investment portfolio and financial plan. We regularly reassess and refine your wealth blueprint so that it remains aligned with your aspirations. We are committed to your wealth possibilities and success.

Our brand is so much more than our mark. Extensive research and discovery went into building the current Quadrant Capital creative suite and we are proud of the collateral that represents our firm. Let us give you a behind the curtain look at why we landed here:

The crest around the entire brand image pays tribute to our heritage and traditions. We are proud of our history and grateful for those who worked painstakingly to build the core of what the business is today. With the crest, we honor the place of expertise from where the original Quadrant firm received its name.

The key inside the crest represents both the literal and figurative mechanism that unlocks the access to investment strategies you never knew you needed. At Quadrant, we know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t belong in the private wealth management space. Just as each key is tailor-made for a specific lock, so are our bespoke wealth planning services to fit your unique financial needs and goals. Now look more closely. The star/compass is a subtle nod to our origin story with roots in Bethlehem, PA. We are honored to be your trusted guide on your financial journey.

Our distinguished color palette speaks to our firm’s core values. Gold signifies prosperity, excellence, and timelessness. The black represents groundedness, strength, and longevity.